San Francisco Chronicle
January 7, 1919 




Mrs. William T. Banta Fights
His Petition for Letters
Over Her Son


Boy Involved Inherits Part of

Large Estate Left By

David T. Hanbury

Presaging a bitter family fight over the guardianship of David McKenzie Hanbury eight year old son of the Late David T. Hanbury man of wealth and Arctic explorer, Mrs. Marie Eleanor Mansfield Hanbury Banta the boy's mother petitioned the Superior Court yesterday to appoint the Anglo California Trust Company guardian of the child Last Saturday William T. Banta her husband filed a petition asking that he be named guardian of his stepson.

Controversy over the boy's guardianship has developed as a result of the death November 25 of James H. O' Leary, City Attorney of Vallejo who was appointed guardian of the Child following Hanbury's death in 1911.

The two petitions will come up for hearing before Superior Judge Bernard J. Flood on January 23.



Attorney Harry S. Young representing the boy's mother said yesterday that Mrs. Banta knew nothing of her husband's action until his petition had been filed. They live at Martinez, he said, where Banta conducts a hotel.

Banta is represented in the action by Attorney Frank J. Golden.

David T. Hanbury was the owner of Island No. 2 in the Napa river comprising 867 acres of land on quarters of the island was bequeathed to his widow and the remainder, valued at $50,000 to his son. IN addition, the boy fell heir to the father's share of the Hanbury estate in Cornwall, England, a fortune founded on the famous Hanbury millions.



Hanbury filed suit for divorce from his wife in 1907 one year after they were married. Hanbury charged his wife with misconduct.

Mrs. Hanbury filed a cross complaint denying her husband's charges and alleging misconduct against him While the suit was under submission before Superior Judge John Hunt, in March 1908 a reconciliation was arranged and the Hanburys went to live on Island No. 2 in the Napa river. It was after the reconciliation that the boy was born.

Mrs. Hanbury was married to Banta a year after the death of Hanbury.


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