Mary Sophia Adams Goodrum

 J. W. Goodrum - Mississippi State Representative 1878
James Whitaker Goodrum was born July 28, 1818 in Jefferson County, MS and died May 18, 1894 in Vicksburg.  He is buried in Antioch Cemetery.  He was the son of Reuben and Charlotte Whitaker Goodrum.  James married Mary Sophia Adams on December 6, 1846 in Vicksburg. She is the daughter of Mary Sophia Rawls and John Adams.  James and MaryGoodrum's children were Albert, Seiborn, Duff, James, Jr. and M. E.


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The following transcribed excerpts are from a copy of the Journal of Mary Sophia Adams Goodrum's (Joseph Rawls' grand daughter) which I received from Betty Worley....Thanks Betty...The first transcriptions, I will add, are of interest to my direct Rawls Line... after I receive permission I will start to add the church records of the birth death and marriages of Adams, Hinds , Claiborne, and Warren Counties as they are in the journal.

- last updated April 13, 2001
I have hyperlinked The jpeg images (between 300k and 400k) of the transcribed pages below through page 15. If you download them and figure out any of the words I have missed let me know., Thanks....
June 8, 1878
Page 9
Great Grand Pa and Great Grand Ma Kinsalo were Dutch people, and among the first settlers of South Carolina. They belonged to the Lutheran Church_ and lived 10 miles from Columbia 50 miles from _________. 3 miles from Broad Rivers, Richland County, South Carolina.
They raised 5 daughters and one son_ names as follows_ Mollie, who married Mr. Co____, Betsy, who married John Smith_ Barbary who married Mr. Turnipseed_ Sophia, who married Joseph Rawls_Christina, who married John Michael, and Hermon their son.
Hermon was a thrifty farmer and a magistrate_ was called rich in those days. All the early settlers suffered dreadfully, from the soldiers, during the Old Revolutionary war.
The Tory's took Hermon Kinsalo out from his mother's home, and sawed his legs, to the bone in several places, to make him tell where his mother's money was. Hermon was quite a youth, but they failed to extract the desired information. Noble young fellow, How gladly his mother would have given up all to save her dear boy such suffering, but she was not allowed to follow, and knew not what her child was enduring.
These British Soldiers were very, very cruel to Great Grandma Kinsalo. They carried Smallpox and Measles into her family, from which two of her children died, and while their corpses were still in the room, these friends jumped between them and danced, making all manner of fun of poor, dear, Great grandma Kinsalo. They emptied Great Grandma's feather bed in the room where the dead children lay, and carried the bedticks off. _ Great Grandma fighting them with her pa(?) handle. These Tory's would come into Great Grand Ma's house while she would be eating, and grab everything from the table. One day, after they taken all, they grabbed Great Grand Ma's gourd of milk_Great Grand Ma gathered too, and they pulled the gourd into two, spilling the milk_ poor Great Grand Ma exclaimed "Cuss you," I would rather it was spilled than for you to have it. Great Grand Pa was killed by an Indian, with a lighthandled ax, 10 miles from Columbia Co. Great Grand Pa Kinsalo was a great (?) to graft fruit and flowers, having made the beautiful crab apple to grow upon this thirsty place.
After the war was over Great Grand Ma's girls, spun and wove themselves nice clothes. This example, for a Sunday dress being as fine, the girls could pass it through a finger (?) spinning machines and cotton gins were not known in those days. The cotton was picked from the seed by their hand. The Tory's had taken all their clothes and everything else.
Grand Pa Kinsalo was a dutch Ho?t ?celhierst
(this is all one word.... I haven't a clue -image below-)
Three of the girls married Dutch men and settled in Richland County, South Carolina. They had farms and servants and were called rich.
  here is an image of the above unknown word.

Page 11
Sophia Kinsalo, and Christina Kinsalo, married Englishmen (British Tory's). Sophia Married Joseph Rawls and Christina married John Michael. These two families moved west. Joseph Rawls settled in Tennesee_ John Michael in Mississippi, both of these men wasted their wives property. Being Englishmen, they were natural abolitionists.
John Michael acquired a large fortune in Claiborne County Miss. his only child, Polly married Mabourne Cooper. Mr Cooper has quite a fortune.
This Mrs. Polly Cooper is first cousin to my mother, Mary Adams, and is living in Claiborne County, near where her father John Michael first settled and is living today, june 15, 1878.
Joseph Rawls who married Sophia Kinsalo lived in South Carolina several years until they had two children. Then moved to Tennessee, leaving Polly (my mother) with her Grandmother Kinsalo in South Carolina. This is my Great Grandma Kinsalo. Great Grandma Kinsalo was ? rich, and wanted her grand daughter, Polly Rawls (My Mother) to stay with her and she promised her a fortune to ?. Grand Pa Joseph Rawls and Grand Ma Sophia Rawls consented, and moved to Tennessee, leaving their daughter Polly, (my mother) with her grand Ma Kinsalo in South Carolina.
Grand Pa and Grand Ma (Joseph Rawls) lived two years in Tennessee, and concluded to move to Miss. Travelling by land they pass through some cotton fields, and being carried away with the ? of cotton, he purchased a field of cotton and
with Grand Ma's slaves picked the cotton. Not knowing how to trade for a cotton field he became insolved, and was compelled to sell several of Grand Ma's negros to "pay out."
After awhile Grand Pa Joseph Rawls and Grand Ma Sophia Rawls, leave Tennessee, and move farther south. They have lived here for two years, during which time their daughter (my mother) remains with her Grand ma Kinsalo, she has promised to make her, (Polly Rawls) her heir provided she remain with her. But Grand Pa Rawls did not like to leave his little daughter so far and concluded to go for her before he left Tennessee. So he started off in a chair or gig. He found his daughter very much attached to her Grand Ma Kinsalo, and in after ? relate to her children many ? incidents of her childhood, spent with her Grand Ma Kinsalo. In time Gret Grand Ma Kinsalo died_ her children, of course heir her estate, but none occupy the old house, which is left to tumble down. Everything taken away but this old Bible it is left on the mantle all concerned to one side. no one knows what became of the one cherished Bible. Grand Pa, Joseph Rawls had a fine gold watch which he lost in a great creek while crossing in a gig with his little daughter "Polly" our mother.
My Great Grand Pa Rawls ( and Great Grand Ma Rawls were full blood Englishmen, and settled in Tennessee where Great Grand Ma Rawls died, not far from Nashville. Great Grandpa Gabriel Rawls was a British Minister_ traveled on foot_ came down to Natchez on foot when he was quite old and feeble_had a negro man to travel with him, to take care of him. He was ? to preach to the people of Natchez, and did so several times_ ? ?? called to preach in New Orleans too, and for that parish and object he left Natchez , and never returned, having "at his ports," somewhere in Louisianna. Great Grand Pa Gabriel Rawls was sent from England to preach to christians in Miss. and Lo. He preached in Natchez and N. O. and died near N. O.
Grand Pa , Joseph Rawls starts to Mississippi five children in number. Came down the river in a flatboat no Steaemboats invented then_ has his negros and eight horses on board. At Concordia, La. oppisite Natchez he lands, and purchases a farm, selling several of Grand Ma's negros to make the payment on farm. So they moved on buying and selling off negros all the time. This was a pretty place with a nice house and large gin. Grand Ma Rawls loved this place, but Grand Pa was a "rolling stone" and soon took a notion to move across the river into Natchez and settle. Grand Ma was opposed to this and would not sign the Deeds which recorded in Concordia, so it stands to this day. 1878.
Not Long after they settled in Natchez Grand Ma takes one of her little sons and visits her sister Christina Micheal in Clairborne County Miss.
While Grand Ma was absent from home Grand Pa was taken very sick and died. His brother Abram Rawls, who lived in Louisianna came to Grand Pa at his time_ had Grand Pa buried_put Grand Pa's gold watch in his pocket_ took all his valuable papers_sold all his stock and furniture got all his money_ mounted Grand Pa's riding horse_ crossed the river leaving Grand Pa's little children alone. No word was sent to Grand Ma and when she came home, she was shocked to know that Grand pa was dead, and everything swept away by his brother. She got a "Search Warrant", and recovered some of her furniture.
In her distress, she appealed to the Free Masons_ Grand Pa had not connected himself, with any lodge since he left Columbia S.C. and not a single Mason, made an effort to assist her in any way. Grand Ma was in this way reduced to perfect poverty _by the death of her husband and the rascality of her husbands brother.
From this day Grand Ma had to Labor hard day and night at the spinning wheel and loom to get a hard living for herself and five little children. ( She died ?? November 17 1836. She lived in Adams County area near Natchez until her second daughter Mary was grown and married John Adams on the 19th Dec 1822
Grand Ma suceeded in giving her sister pretty good ??.
After the marriage of Mary Rawls to John Adams. there was one less in Grand Ma Sophia Rawls family, but the oldest worker had gone. They were my parents, and lived with Grand Pa Adams two or three years_ I was born there on the forth of March 1824.
Grand Pa and Grand Ma Adams raised a large family of sons and daughters. GrandPa, though an uneducated man, acquired a large fortune in land and negros. He settled his children off on different plantations_superintended the whole, himself, for many years. He was a Pennsylvania Dutchman and Grandma a full Scotish woman.
GrandPa William Adams was first cousin to John Adams President of the United States. GrandMa Adams maiden name was Orpha Leonard  from Pennsyvania.
Page 30,
Joeseph Rawls born October 20th 1764 in England.
Sophia Kinsalo born, May 24th 1772, she was married 1788. Sophia Rawls died Nov the 17th 1836.
Elizabeth Gilbert (Rawls) born june 14th 1800.
Elizabeth Gilbert (Rawls) died Aug 11th 1834
Page 30, page_30.jpg
Sophia Adams Goodrum’s Diary – page 30
(Transcribed by Kathy Herzog - Dec 16, 2012 - comments in Italics) Thanks Kathy!!

Family Record

These are my grandparents
written vertically in left margin next to:
William Adams born
January 12, 1755
Orpha Leonard born
March 20, 1774
The above couple were married
January xx 1797
Orpha Adams died
Sept. 25, 1837
William Adams died
March 31, 1857

These are my Uncles and Aunts (another illegible line underneath – could be
GrandPas …..) This is written vertically in margin next to:

Thomas Adams born
Nov. The 4th, 1797 died
John Adams was born Aug the 12th, 1799 died Aug 19th, 1862
Isreal Adams was born March 2nd, 1801 died Jan 25th, 1862
Catherine Adams born Jan 13th, 1803 died Feb the 17th, 1832
Joseph Adams was born Oct 20th, 1805 died June 3rd, 1841 (?)
Mary M. Adams born Sept 20, 1806 died July 23rd, 1853
William Adams born Nov 12th, 1808 died April 25th, 185x (1?)
Elizabeth Adams born Dec 24th 1810. Died Dec. 5th (?), 1865
Alexander Adams born Nov 22nd, 1812 died March xx, 1841
Marcy L. Adams born June 8th, 1814 died Feb the 8th, 1837 (?)
Cordelia Adams born Oct 30th, 1816 died July the xx, 1811 (or 77?)
Washington J. Adams born Nov. 10, 1819 died Dec 15th, 1860

Grandma xxxxxx (illegible)
written vertically in left margin next to:
Joseph Rawls born October 20th 1764 in England
Sophia Kinsalo born May 27th (or 29th ?) 1772. The above married 1788 xxx xxx (illegible)
GrandMa Sophia Rawls died Nov the 17th 1836 age 64 yrs
Elizabeth Gilbert (Rawls) born June 14th 1800
Elizabeth Gilbert (Rawls)
Aug the 11th 1839
Mary Kinslow Rawls was born March the 22nd 1802
John Adams and Mary Rawls married Dec the 19th 1822

These area my brothers and sisters written vertically in margin next to:
Mary Sophia Adams born March 4th 1824 died Jan 21st 1910
Richard Adams born June the 1st 1826 died Aug the 1st 1827
Sarah M Adams born March 10th 1828 died
John M Adams born June 13th 1829 died Aug the 7th 18xx
Orpha Ann Adams was born July 25th, 1830 died May 30th, 1833
Frances M Adams was born April 5th 1833 died June 12th, 1833
Emma Adams was born Dec 15th 1834 died Feb 8th 1835
Adelia Adams was born Nov 9th, 1836 died
Tobias Adams was born Jan 6th 1838 died Dec the 2nd 1863
Josephine Adams was born July 16th 1839 died June the 1st 1848
Walter W Adams was born Aug 20th 1840 died
William O Adams born June 26th 1842 died May 23rd 1848
Page 137
Nov 25 1860
Uncle John C. Rawls of Arkansas died today.
(I think the following references are to John Felix Rawls as John C Rawls had already passed away. There are no other John Rawls' that were descended from Joseph Rawls and the nephew of Mary Sophia Rawls Adams and lived in Arkansas).
Pg 154-
Sept. 17, 1862
Cousin John C. Rawls, My dear Mother's nephew, left his home in Arkansas, for the war in Virginia. _ was discharged on account of bad health on the 6th of July, 1862. Came to Ma's on the 18th came with but $121. confederate money_ joined Antioch church 9th Sept./62. Aug25. 1863 he left Ma's for his home in Arkansas.
Pg 168-
June 6, 1862
John C. Rawls discharged for duty in Virginia on account of bad health. Came to Ma's on the 18th.
Pg. 169-
June 18, 1862
John C. Rawls, my dear Mother's nephew, arrives from Virginia, when he has been discharged on account of bad health. he has $121. in Confederate money.
Sept. 17 1862
Mr. Goodrum, John Rawls, J. W. Highlander, J.M. Gibson, Misses Hattie and Theresa Sexton, Nancy Brown, Mariah Kane, Fanny Moore, were baptized, in our own pond, which was a beautiful place. A large crowd Witnessed the interesting scene.
Pg. 179
Aug 24, 1863
Sister Sarah Whitaker's house is burned down just before day. Poor dear Ma is on a visit to Sister at this time. Cousin John Rawls is there also, and saved a matress.

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